Past sermons


Message by Pastor Wale Adeduro

Topic: The Generosity of God

Bible Reading: Ephesians 3:20-21, Colossians 1:27, Genesis 17:1-2, Hebrew 4: 16, John 14:6, Genesis 1:28, Mark 2: 5

• Whatever happens to you is always approved by God.
• God shows up whenever you need Him.
• The milk of God’s mercy never dries up
• Run away from sin if you want the generosity of God

a. God is self-existing.
b. God is all sufficient.
c. God is magnanimous.


Message by Pastor Dapo Akinosun

Topic: To Forgive, Divine

Bible Reading:

The English Poet Alexander Pope wrote back in 1709 that ‘to err is human, but to forgive, divine’.  The act of forgiveness is emphasized not only in the Bible and taught by Christendom, but poets, artists, doctors and even lawyers echo it.

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is the act of allowing one’s self to let go and move past the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual hurts caused by others. It is not an event that happens at one instance, but it is a process that requires a few steps of:

  1. Acknowledging what has been done to you and reflecting on the impact of it
  2. Praying through for the grace to let go


Message by Pastor Dapo Akinosun

How should we present the Gospel?

Bible Reading: Matthew 3:1-6

The dictionary defines evangelism as noun the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. The Bible has a myriad examples of how believers evangelized and won souls for Christ. Even before the coming of Christ, there were those like John the Baptist who went out spreading the good news of Jesus’ coming and calling sinners to repentance (Matthew 3:1-6).

Unlike John the Baptist, many evangelize today with a view of presenting themselves and their ministries. This is obviously not the purpose of evangelism and such behavior is rooted in pride and vainglory, both of which are not of Christ. Evangelism is intended to present the gospel to lost souls in a manner that exemplifies the love of Christ, the sacrifice of His love through the shedding of His blood; and the opportunity that we all have to reconcile ourselves unto Him towards eternal life.

This means that the way in which we present the gospel should reflect Christ. In that light, the following should be followed:

  1. Pray for the lost souls and ask God for direction on where to go and who to evangelize to. The Bible says that Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6). There is an appointed time for everybody and everything; and we need to know God’s plan for our evangelism.


Message by Pastor Dapo Akinosun

 Topic: Beware of the Foxes

 Bible Reading: Songs of Solomon 2:15

Foxes, a generic name which includes jackals, are very peculiar animals. They dig and live in holes and are quite cunning, sly and very clever. They are known to destroy vineyards in various ways. Either by gnawing and breaking the little branches and leaves, or by digging holes in the vineyard which spoil the roots. The little foxes are also known to creep in to eat the tender and ripe grapes, but do not eat the flowers. So care has to be taken to chase away the foxes before the grape is ripe.

 Believers are as vines, weak but useful plants; their fruits are as tender crops at first, which must have time to come to maturity.  It is therefore no wonder that King Solomon used them in this analogy to represent the things that cause believers to abandon their call or miss out on their blessings.

 As believers, we do all we can to overcome sins of commission and omission. Most born-again believers find themselves strengthened enough to overcome sins of commission, but yet still struggle with the sins of omission.