Prison ministry is a very critical aspect of kingdom building. Many people who are in prisons are there because they are lost and in search of something. Some are searching for attention and care; and some are searching for hope and belief. They feel that the world has given up on them and that there is nothing left to live for.

The Covenant House Prison Ministry works to give prisoners hope; and also to show them love, care and attention. We work to become like family to them and offer them the most important thing that we can ever give them – the Love of Jesus Christ.

This ministry has seen people restored. The Covenant House Parish even has functional workers working in our church today as a direct result of our prison ministry. Innocent people who were set free have come back to the Covenant House Parish to identify with our mission; and for this, we give God the glory. As good as this is, the best thing is that we have been a part of seeing lives transformed for Jesus while in prison.

If you want to be a part of this great work, please join us and offer your time and skills to this program.